What is the correct way to answer the following question?Did your mum eat pizza? the correct answer is: A-yes, my mum did. OR B-yes, she did.

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Actually, either answer is grammatically correct.  Both of them correctly answer the question, and both of them are proper grammatical sentences.  However, I would prefer B, and I will tell you why.

The English language uses pronouns for a reason.  Pronouns make things more expedient and make language flow better.  Although you could say “my mom did” it is more cumbersome than “she did.”  The reason for the pronoun “she” in the English language is so it can take the place of the noun.  The sentence and the conversation just flow more smoothly when you replace the words “my mom” with the pronoun “she” and so it is better to use the pronoun.

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thanks loraaa.

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