Look at Louis XIV's portrait by Riguad. Describe where you see characteristics in the work that reveal Louis' personality and status.

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A great many details of Hyacinthe Riguad's portrait of Louis XIV reveal the King's status. Riguad is said to have "set the standard" for royal portraits. Some aspects of the portrait that reflect the King's personality and status are seen in the artist's attention to detail in the King's clothing, stance and facial expression. In the portrait, Louis XIV is wearing magnificent ceremonial robes, which are lined with ermine…

heraldic fur... Many skins [of an ermine or short-tailed weasel] would be sewn together to make a luxurious garment...

...and decorated with the "fleur-de-lis" pattern.

Traditionally, [the pattern] has been used to represent French royalty....

The fleur-de-lis design is also present on the King's throne and ottoman. King Louis is also holding a walking "stick" of gold and a sheathed sword at his hip—which denotes his power as well. His pose is elegant, and his...

...haughty expression proclaim his exalted status.

Other aspects of the painting that lend themselves to the status of the painting's subject can be seen by virtue of its size, perhaps the largest portrait of its kind ever painted. The portrait stands over nine feet high and is almost eight feet wide. Another impressive aspect of the painting is that Louis XIV is painted in life-size—this would indicate the importance of the subject as his stature is not at all diminished, as a smaller portray might infer.


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