Is Look Back in Anger a rage against a frustrating society?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In a stylistic manner, yes. The play Look Back in Anger , by John Osborne, attempts to break free from the former generation of playwrights prior to the 1950's. During that era, playwrights had a tendency to create what is known as "drawing room comedies". These were works that were meant for mere entertainment and featured characters that were superficial, and whose only purpose was to make the audience laugh with their wittiness.

Osborne, however, belonged to a group of playwrights who wanted to offer their version of the reality of a socially unfair society and its effects in the modern man. His style wanted to bring out what was really going on in England at the time without sugar-coating it, to put it in more simplistic terms. After all, Osborne himself was quite unhappy with his own life by the time the play was written. Look Back in Anger is basically Osborne's venting spell at the oppressive life he was leading at the time.

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