Look at the graphics in the attached reports reports and choose one example of a visualization that you think is effective and one that you think is not:

  • https://op.europa.eu/en/publication-detail/-/publication/421cceb9-3a41-11e9-8d04-01aa75ed71a1/language-en/format-PDF This report is published by the EU. It provides an analysis of indicators of employment and social trends in the EU.
  • https://op.europa.eu/en/publication-detail/-/publication/2d8932f4-b273-11e9-9d01-01aa75ed71a1/language-en/format-PDF/source-102106934
  • An example of an effective visual could be figure 4 in the Social Scoreboard 2018 report. This graphic comes across as clear, concise, and ordered. An example of a less effective visual could be figure 6 in the same report. This graphic might have overdone it with the colors and could have used more precise terms to communicate its findings.

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    To discuss an effective visualization for conveying data, consider figure 4 in the Social Scoreboard 2018 report. This graph arguably features quite a bit of data in an economical and concise manner. It highlights the different employment rates for men and women throughout Europe. One can easily locate the country by turning their attention to the x-axis. One can find the approximate rate by eyeing the y-axis. They can discover the exact rate because it’s written inside the bars.

    By putting the precise numbers inside the bars, someone looking at the graph doesn’t need to look elsewhere in the report to get the exact information. More so, think about how putting the numbers inside the bars adds to the neatness and organization of the graph. If the precise numbers were elsewhere, the visual could come across as less structured.

    Now, think about the colors. The two colors could be confusing for some people, but in the upper-right corner, the visual explains what these colors mean. Orange is the rate for 2016. Red is the rate for 2017. As with the numbers, the placement of the color code seems fit. In this graphic, there is an order and a beneficial simplicity.

    For a visual that might use some improving, consider talking about figure 6 in Social Scoreboard 2018. While this graphic features clearly-labeled countries and colors, some could argue that it contains too many colors to keep track off. Some might also take issue with the rather oblique wording. Perhaps those creating the graphic could have used more pointed language than “weak” or “average.”

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