Look at Robert Frost’s “Out, Out—” and W. H. Auden’s “Musée des Beaux Arts,” comparing and contrasting the poems’ themes and significant words and images to support your thesis statement and topic sentences.

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Ethically, I cannot do this assignment for you, but I can point you in a couple directions to help. My advice would be to annotate and analyze each poem in isolation, then look for the connections between the two poems.

Ask yourself: What is each poem's theme? What is each poem saying about life? About individual suffering/pain/death? About the impact of an individual on society? About how society reacts to an individual? It begs the question, What does it matter if one individual suffers in context within the whole society?

Both Auden and Frost are showing in their respective poems the harsh reality of life. Both poets show an individual in pain, who suffers, and the reaction of those around the individual. In both poems, other who "witness" the suffering, both of the boy in "Out, Out—" and of Icarus in Auden's poem, turn away from the individual who suffers and move on with their own daily routines.

In doing this assignment, look also at the specific diction or word choices of each poet. Consider also the literary devices used by Auden and Frost. For example, each poet uses very strong imagery. Find an example in each and compare their meaning, purpose, and impact upon the entire poem.

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