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Look at Amichai's "Tourists" and discuss how it demonstrates postmodernism.

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The first step to answering this question is to define “postmodernism” as it relates to literary art. Essentially, postmodernism is a style or trend of writing that followed after World War II, although it is believed that poetry written today could also be considered postmodern. Adjectives often associated with this style include “dark,” “political,” “questioning,” and “fragmented,” among others.

The author of “Tourists,” Yhuda Amichai, was born in Germany, but moved to the Middle East as a small child. He is known as a Hebrew poet and he lived most of his life in Jerusalem. He fought with the Israeli forces and served in World War II. As such, some of his poetry is informed by these experiences. He believed that poetry was political. A key to understanding “Tourists” is to understand Amichai’s background and the time in which he wrote the poem.

Given this context, let us consider what postmodern qualities the poem has. Amichai starts off by asking the...

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