A Long Walk to Water Questions and Answers
by Linda Sue Park

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In A Long Walk to Water, what is Salva's role to the reader influentially and morally?

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In the novel A Long Walk to Water, Salva plays a significant role to the reader in several different contexts. This novel is unique in the sense that it tells the stories of one fictional character and one real person. Salva is the main character, and his story is one of a young Sudanese boy who overcomes tragedy to save thousands of lives through his courage and charity.

Salva's Influential Role

As the main character, Salva's influential role in the story is made clear to the reader from the beginning. After he is separated from his family at the age of 11, Salva is forced to travel a long distance on foot in order to escape other gunmen. Without food or water, he struggles to survive in a harsh environment while helping others. Salva's influence becomes apparent when he takes on a leadership role among other lost boys of Sudan. He leads the group to...

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