Loneliness is also one of the themes in the novel. Which character(s) seem to relate to this theme and why?

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e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Loneliness is one of the strongest themes in Of Mice and Men. There are a number of characters and instances where we can find evidence for this.

  • The theme is presented initially in the book's first scene. George and Lennie tell (re-tell) the story of their dream and explain what sets them apart from other iterant laborers - They have each other. They each have someone who cares about them and who will look out for them.
  • Another good example of loneliness comes in the scene where Candy is convinced to let Carlson shoot his dog. The dog is/was Candy's only friend. Without the dog, Candy is completely alone.
  • The scene featuring Crooks is yet another clear expression of this theme, as Crooks tells Lennie how lonesome it is to be stuck in his own room, apart from the other men. He also talks about the ways that this has always been true in his experience. For his entire life, Crooks has been on the outside, lonely, separated from the group.
  • Finally, Curley's wife explains to Lennie how isolated she is in her situation at the ranch.

All of these moments in the book relate directly to the theme of loneliness.