London FansIn "To Build A Fire" by Jack London, how can I make an organizer that will really help me make a good essay?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Without knowing what your thesis is, the best that can be offered is a general blueprint for the five-paragraph essay, which will, hopefully serve you.  According to The Practical Writer, by Bailey and Powell, the writer needs to provide a motivator in the introduction which will interest the reader and induce him/her to read with interest the essay. After this motivator which can be an observation of the writer, a question, a relative quote, etc., the writer needs to states the thesis which contains an opinion that he/she will substantiate throughout the essay.  Here is the organizer:



Thesis Statement


First Central Paragraph

Topic sentence

   Specific support

   Specific support

   Specific support [from 2-5]

Second Central Paragraph

Topic Sentence

   Specific support, etc.

Third Central Paragraph

Topic Sentence

    Specific support

    Specific support, etc.


   Reworded thesis

    Clincher [ a sentence that expands the thought of the thesis and leaves no doubt in the reader's mind that the essay is at its end.]

accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

#2 provides you with an excellent example of an outline that you can follow. To contribute to this, you need to think of a strong thesis statement that you can use for the outline suggested above. You need to make sure that your thesis is not too complicated or confusing. Simple sentences work best. Likewise you should make sure that you are already pretty clear in your mind of how you can prove that thesis with appropriate quotes from the text.