Examine potential areas of similarity in Locke and Hobbes.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one area of similarity between Locke and Hobbes is that both of them sought to articulate a relationship between the individual, their society, and their government.  Both thinkers were immersed in what could be the defining issue of the modern context.  Their examination of the condition of the human being and how this translates into political orders is of vital importance to modern political theory.  Along these lines, both thinkers articulated visions of the social contract.  This helped to explain the contours and definitions of what political society should resemble and how the individual fits into this configuration.  Both might have articulated differing visions on it, but they were both occupied with the topic of the social contract.  Finally, an interesting point about both of their lives is that they were given the same amount of pension from the British government that enabled them to continue their writing and thought.  Each thinker used the one hundred Pound pension from the government to continue their analysis and writing.