location of a point in the cartesian coordinates planegives examples of location of a point

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You can tell the location of any point in a two dimensional space by giving its Cartesian Coordinates.  These coordinates are expressed as (x,y).

The x value tells you where the number is on a horizontal axis.  The y value tells where it is on a vertical axis.

If you have the coordinates (9,2), for example, you have a point that is 9 units to the right of the origin and 2 units up from the origin.

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The location of any point in Cartesian system of coordinates is given by the pairs of coordinates (x,y).

The point may be located in one of the 4 quadrants of the Cartesian plane.

To determine the exact location of a point, we'll have to know the values of its coordinates.

The coordinates of a point are positive or negative, with respect to the quadrants of Cartesian plane.

In the 1st quadrant, the values of x and y are both positive.

In the 2nd quadrant, the values of x are negative and the values of y are positive.

In the 3rd quadrant, the values of x and y are both negative.

In the 4th quadrant, the values of x are positive and the vallues of y are negative.