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Is the location of Brussels, the capital of Belgium, relatively good or problematic?

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The location of Brussels is good in most instances. Brussels is, for the most part, in the center of Belgium. This makes it easily accessible. It is fairly easy to get to Brussels. This is good for trade and for tourism. Several international groups, including NATO, have their headquarters in Brussels. Brussels isn’t very far from major cities in nearby countries. Being near water influences the climate of Brussels. The oceanic climate keeps Brussels from getting too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter.

One disadvantage Brussels faces is that a good part of the country, including Brussels, is very flat. This was a disadvantage during World War I and during World War II. Germany found it much easier to move its army through the flat land of Belgium than to move it through the mountainous border between Germany and France. In both World War and in World War II, the location of Brussels proved to be a disadvantage because it was fairly easy to invade.

For the most part, Brussels is in a very good location.

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