Locate a website for an organization that hires graduates in your major (Criminal Justice). Besides technical skills, what writing and communication skills does this organization seek in a job...

Locate a website for an organization that hires graduates in your major (Criminal Justice). Besides technical skills, what writing and communication skills does this organization seek in a job candidate? Write a one-page essay on what they say directly on this subject. Include reasons why each skill is important, and any additional written/spoken skills that you believe would give a candidate a competitive advantage.

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Hi there! I can't write your essay for you, but I can give you some guidelines on the type of things to include in your essay. Below are two links for jobs requiring a criminal justice degree.

Criminal Justice Career Opportunities

Career information and job resources for criminal justice majors

Jobs include those in law enforcement, corrections, policy and research analysis, the legal field, insurance and fraud investigation, criminal justice education, military law enforcement and judicial systems, just to name a few. Many of these organizations are with federal organizations, although private organizations are also included. Since your question does not state whether you would wish for a private or public organization, I will just pick one from the list. This would be the US Marshals Service( Department of Justice).

Qualifications for US Marshal

Education requirements:

This job requires a bachelor's degree and one year of graduate studies in criminal justice, law enforcement or equivalent field of study. Applicants must have either a grade point average of B(3.0) or B+(3.5) in undergraduate courses pertaining to one's major or GPA of B(3.0) or B+(3.5) in last two years of undergraduate study or rank in the upper one-third of college class. Besides one of these three academic achievements, membership in a scholastic honor society is recommended. Although this job does not state specific writing skills required, the job requirements state that a US Marshal must be able to prepare reports 'on actions taken during the execution of civil and criminal processes.'

Writing and Communication skills.

You asked about these skills in your question. Here is a link on the required US Marshal writing assessment:

Writing assessment for US Marshals

Although a US Marshal will be given an interview assessment as well as decision making assessment, your question states that you are primarily concerned with writing and communication skills. The writing assessment portion requires a candidate to answer multiple choice questions which address concepts such as grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling and organization. If you look back at the job requirements for a US Marshal, you will read that US Marshals must know how to deal tactfully with associates, subordinates, the public, as well as the prisoners they arrest.

They must know how to plan and carry out 'criminal investigations such as making arrests, serving court orders, using firearms, and dealing with uncooperative people.' US Marshals are responsible for the care and custody of federal prisoners. They must ensure safety of both prisoners and the public. Here's a nice link that will give you an idea of the kind of communication skills a US Marshal might need:

US Marshal Arrest and Control Instructor Course

This link shows the kind of communication skills which will give the candidate a competitive advantage. Among communication skills taught for this course are de-escalation techniques, both verbal and physical, team communication skills and documentation/report writing. This 5-day course looks to be hosted by the US Marshals and  Meza, AZ police dept.

Most Criminal Justice degree programs will also include a course on communication, conflict and negotiation. Also, bear in mind that the way a US Marshal may have to deal with a non-criminal member of the public may be different from the communication skills needed when dealing with drug kingpins, organized crime bosses or sex offenders. US Marshals must be well read on US law in search and seizure matters. Not only must they know it, they must be able to communicate what is necessary to colleagues and subordinates. The US Marshal also has a witness protection program where US Marshals provide 24 hour protection for witnesses while they are in a high threat environment. Ability to communicate with distraught, stressed and frightened witnesses is especially crucial. Important communication skills include tact, empathy, positive non-verbal communication skills( active listening, head nods, maintaining eye contact), rapport, and effective clarity in speaking and writing.

US Marshal Fact Sheet

Hope this helps. Thanks for the question!