A loading dock is 5 feet high. Joe needs to build the ramp at a 30 degree angle to get the forklift into the warehouse from the parking lot. What is the actual length of the ramp

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The loading dock's height forms one leg of a right triangle.  The ramp and the ground for the hypotenuse and other leg respectively.  We are told that the ramp is at a 30 degree angle.  Usually that is angle to the ground.  This would make the 30 degree angle, opposite the 5 ft height of the loading dock.  The Sin 30=1/2, and in this triangle would equal 5/h where h is the length of the hypotenuse which is the length of the ramp.  If we cross multiply 5/h=1/2 we find h=10.  The ramp would be 10 ft long. 

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