I lived in NH with my partner for 13 years.  Upon his choices of cheating as well as mental and emotional abuse I was forced to leave the home.  I helped purchase the home as well as supported him while he did not work.  I paid most of the bills.  He also gave me a STD.  I have an autoimmune disease as well which the STD has caused me more medical problems.  He made an agreement to pay me weekly monies to buy me out of my half of the home.  He is not complying with that.  I would like to know if I can take him to court and have a judge order him either to sell the home and split the profit, enforce he pay me a montly amount until my share is bought out or garnish his wages.  If not for me he would not have been able to purchase the home we resided in.  I know cohabitation is different but we were together for 13 years and need to know what exactly I am entitled to.  Also, what type of court would I file in to get what is owed to me.  Thank YOu

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I am not a lawyer but I can tell you that you definitely need to speak directly with an attorney.  Some things will depend on exactly who is listed on the deed to the house (one person's name versus both names).  If the house was deeded in both of your names then you both have a legal claim to the property.  Since you were never married...

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