In Little Women, by L.M. Alcott, the girls play pilgrims. How does this game relate to the larger scheme of the novel?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book Little Women by Louisa May Alcott the girls are very caring young girls.  They often share what they have with others even though they do not have much themselves.  Marmee, their mother, has taught them to care for other people.  For example; On Christmas morning the girls take their food to a home where there are a bunch of small children.  They share their Christmas breakfast with the family and wait on the people.  There is none left for them but they don't feel bad.  Instead they feel that they did the right thing.

The girls are also adventurous.  The pilgrims were taught to share but they had also been adventurous to go to a new land in hopes of religious freedom.  Jo, who stages the plays, has an adventurous spirit and always wants to sail off to a different place to find her destiny.  In these ways the pilgrim plays relate to the scheme of the novel.


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