In "A Little Princess," when and why does Ram Dass bring the Indian gentleman's secretary to Sara's attic room?

Expert Answers
linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the chapter "What Melchisedec Saw and Heard," Ram Dass brings the old Indian gentleman's secretary to Sara's attic room. Ram Dass has been entertaining Mr. Carrisford, the old gentleman's name, with stories of Sara: how she talks to animals, how she reads to herself until midnight, how charming she is.

Most of all, Ram Dass notices how lonely and mistreated Sara is. She is forced to sleep in the cold attic with no fire to keep her warm. She is punished by having to miss her meals, and her clothing is old and wearing out. Ram Dass and Mr. Carrisford decide to surprise her by leaving things for her in her room. Eventually, they concoct the plan to completely redo her room while she is sleeping. They build a fire in the fireplace, put warm blankets on the bed, and provide muffins and other things for her to eat.

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