Is there a work of literature, similar to Beowulf, where the hero fights a monster to save his kingdom?

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Beowulf inspired a number of similar stories, especially Tolkien's--which share several literary and cultural elements--and particularly The Hobbit.

The point of view in The Hobbit is shifted away from the traditional hero's perspective, and is instead told from the least powerful and least aggressive character. Bilbo Baggins is essentially conscripted by a wizard and a group of dwarves to accompany them to their ancestral home, a mountain, which has been taken over by a dragon. After encountering numerous challenges on their way, they arrive at the mountain and encounter the dragon, only to accidentally implicate the nearby town in having helped them. The dragon attacks the town and is killed by the local hero, who then attempts to lay a claim to the dragon's treasure. Corruption poisons the relationships between many...

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