Referring  to "Robbie" by Isaac Asimov, how does this story show us something about the human condition?

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The story "Robbie" by Isaac Asimov encourages us to ask the question, "what makes us human?" Robbie is a human-like robot who watches over Gloria and keeps her company. He is a robot, and he can't speak, but in many ways he is no different than a human companion might be. He plays with Gloria, he is patient with her, he loves her.

Gloria's mother dislikes Robbie because he is a robot. She doesn't trust him because he is different. Humans are often afraid of differences, and don't trust things that we don't understand. This is exactly what Robbie faces and is the reason he is eventually separated from Gloria.

This story also encourages us to think about friendship. Most children become friends with other kids, but Gloria's best friend is a robot. This begs the question: can something that is not alive still be part of a relationship? Asimov mentions that many kids are best friends with an animal, so what's the difference between a dog and a robot?

For Gloria the robot is special not because...

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