Literary termsExplain Love in Literary terms.

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Love lasts longer than life. (alliteration) Love is like a shooting star; sometimes you only catch a glimpse, but it gives you faith. (metaphor) Love is a caterpillar, transforming us into butterflies. (metaphor) I love you more than life itself. (hyperbole)
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Love is everything beautiful in the world. (synecdoche)


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Love is like a river rushing over my soul. (simile)

Love lasts forever and is lovely. (alliteration)

Love takes my breath away. (hyperbole)

Love triumphs! (personification)

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There are many ways you can use literary terms to describe love. Here are just a few:

Hyperbole: Love makes me want to shout from the mountain tops.

Simile: Love is like a million butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

Onomotopeia: Love makes my heart beat so loud I can hear it pound, "boom-boom, boom-boom."

Allusion: It was as if I was hit with Cupid's arrow.

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What a wonderful question. Love, in literary terms, is:

-an emotional roller-coaster which propels you forward only to bring you to a complete stop later. (metaphor)

-a personal pact with a partner. (alliteration)

-a wave of water which brings goosebumps to the flesh. (imagery and alliteration)

-hugging my heart. (personification)