What are some literary elements in "A Worn Path"?

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Perhaps two of the most significant symbols are the character's name Phoenix and the worn path itself. The Phoenix is a mythical bird that rises renewed from the ashes every 500 years. This is definitely something that Mrs. Jackson has had to do over and over again. The renewal part might be debateable. The worn path is one she has traveled her entire life as she has always been one of the least significant members of the society in which she lives.

I've always liked the nickel as a symbol in "The Worn Path," as it points out a contrast which is one of the major themes in this work.   This is a poor woman in the strongest sense of the word, and when she furtively picks up and keeps that nickel, despite her guilt at having done so, we understand her selfishness.  In contrast, this is a poor woman who, despite every possible physical and emotional obstacle, is as unselfish as one can possibly be.  The nickel serves as a reminder of those two things in this story, as it's not for...

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