I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud Literary Devices

What are the literary devices in "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by William Wordsworth?

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To me, the two most significant literary devices in this poem are personification and imagery, which create a joyful tone regarding the speaker's affections toward nature.

The speaker is "lonely" when he finds this incredibly serene vision in nature. Golden daffodils, lined up alongside the lake, underneath the trees captivate his senses for a moment. The imagery here is so peaceful, and the personification of the daffodils "dancing" as the breeze blows them adds to the feelings of contentment, overtaking the speaker's initial feelings of loneliness.

The daffodils "[toss] their heads" as the waves "dance" alongside them. There is joy in this scene. Nature seems to perform for the speaker, intent on lightening his previously pensive mood; the use of personification here helps to develop this sense of a two-way interaction between the speaker and his surroundings.

He thus finds that he cannot help but be "gay" because of the "jocund company" which surrounds him. The beauty of the daffodils and the...

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