List which characters are flat, round, static, and dynamic in The Giver.

Expert Answers
anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A flat character is one that is like a cardboard cutout. They always do what is expected and have no real personality. All of the members of the community are flat, with the exception of the Giver and Jonas. This flatness is due to the Sameness that the community is based on. Jonas and the Giver are round characters because they break the mold of Sameness. Asher could have been a round character because of his mischievous sense of humor, but the policy of Sameness stamps this unacceptable character trait out. Jonas questions what is accepted once he becomes the Receiver. He begins to break rules and sees things as they really are in flashes of color.The Giver has learned through personal loss and pain (something not allowed under Sameness) to question whether things as they are are correct. A static character is one who does not change, despite events that occur in the story. A dynamic character changes as events influence him. Only Jonas and the Giver are dynamic, which is allowed given their profession. Anyone who is not flat or seems to be changing is released ( an expression for killed legally).