List what you consider the most significant factors underlying American economic growth, and explain why you think those factors are so important.

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This is a great question. If there is going to be economic growth in America, then there are three key components, according to most economists.

First and this is the most important - we need to create more jobs. The unemployment number has to go down. People need to go back to work. This shows that companies are hiring, which means that they are confident about the future of the economy. Moreover, our economy is largely consumer driven. For all of these reasons, Wall Street always looks for the unemployment number. 

Second, we need to manufacture and sell these good overseas. If America is going to grow, then it needs to have robust sales in foreign markets. 

Third, companies need to grow. This means that the government has to make it easier for companies to do business. I know that this is not a popular idea these days, but if we alienate the big companies, one day they will move to another country where it is easier to do business. In other words, we need to attract talent not dispel it. 

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