List two works by Russian political punk activists and a video by Icelandic musician Bjork. Discuss the relationship of those works with feminism.

Works by Russian political punk activists include Pussy Riot's performance at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. One video by Björk is her music video for her song "Loss."

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Since the end of the Cold War, when the former Soviet Union broke into many national states, there have been unanswered questions about the relative freedom this new status allowed.

While at first, the United States and Europe imagined the "new" Russia could possibly become a "free" democracy, with time these visions have been cast into doubt. As a result of political restrictions, most notably on freedom of speech and artistic expression, several Russian activists have spoken up with music, theater, and other arts.

Among these artists is the all-female band "Pussy Riot," which performed at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, a Russian Orthodox church in Moscow. To understand the full effect of this action, and to fully answer this question, you should research that performance and describe why it was important. They also staged other works of activism, including more guerrilla performances and, especially, protests against Vladimir Putin. The Russian punk movement is often associated with anti-fascism.

The Icelandic singer and musician Björk, like the women of Pussy Riot, claims an independent voice and spirit for her art. Her performances dare to appear non-logical, dreamy, or surrealistic. You can, for example, see this effect in her video for the song "Loss."

For the Russian punk activists of Pussy Riot, as for Björk, women have distinctive artistic voices that must not be restrained. They demonstrate this claim by acting out their own artistic visions. The relationship of these artists' works to feminism comes from their courageous performances and independent acts of political defiance.

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