List two questions that the author leaves unanswered at the end of The Giver?

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slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many things that remain unknown at the conclusion of "The Giver." The reader never knows for sure whether Jonas and Gabe make it to another community, find the outside world, or if they die. It is left ambiguous for the reader to determine what really happens. The reader also does not know what happens back at the community -- how do they manage with all those free-floating memories flying around? Is the Giver able to help them? Or do they experience a major change, having experienced pain and sorrow?

jcval | Student

Many questions exist at the end of the novel. Was it all real? Could possibly be the most obvious, but one you do find yourself asking. Also, most people want to know what happens to Jonas and Gabriel? Do they go in the house? Do they ever go back to the community? For me, I find myself asking where exactly are they? How is it that this group of people is not living like the original community and is "normal?" And do they know how it all got started?

laurellh | Student

I think that two major questions that remain unanswered at the end of The Giver are:  What happens to Jonas and Gabe?  and Are the snow, the sled, the lights in the distance, etc, real, or are they just memories that Jonas has had in the past?  Remember, Jonas could recall that memory often.  Was he using the memory to keep himself alive, or was there really a community out there waiting to welcome the boys in with open arms?  Of couse, we can consider the community that has been left with the loose memories, but does the auther want us to think about the community anymore, or look forward to the possibilities that Jonas and Gabe might face?

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