List two pros and two cons for each type of resume.

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since you did not list any specific types of resumes, I will address the two most common: Chronological and Functional.


  • Pros: It is an exremely organized and sequential resume, so it makes you look professional.  The organization makes it easy for potential employers to see your past job history. 
  • Cons: Since it lists your employment history in the order of which you had those jobs, this type of resume may not draw attention to jobs that you really wish to emphasize.  This type of resume is good for someone with a solid employment history; if your most recent job does not make you look really good, then I would avoid this set up.


  • Pros: The advantage to this type of resume is that it focuses on your skills and abilities, rather than employment history.  It immediately draws potential employers' attention to your abilities.  This kind of resume benefits people who may not have a great employment history.
  • Cons: A lack of focus on employment history can raise a red flag for some employers who will be wondering what exactly your job experience is.  Employers really do want to see that side of their employee before hiring, and some would overlook resumes that obviously avoid mention of past work experience.
cassie71009 | Student

Chronological Resume’ is a resume’ that lists specific skills under each position held.

The Pros

  • Manageability
  • It is the most standard resume’ so acceptance is hardly ever an issue.

The Cons

  • Too much detail.
  • Excessive visual tweaking.


Functional Resume’ is a resume that organizes skills and accomplishments into groupings that support the position objective; also known as a skill resume’.

The Pros

  • The skills that a chronological resume may not be able to highlight are able to be emphasized in a functional resume.
  • A functional resume is very useful for someone who is looking to switch tracks, professionally speaking, who may be looking to get into a different niche or separate industry altogether.

The Cons

  • Some employers do not like a functional resume; they find it rather difficult to interpret.
  • A functional resume may sometimes appear as though an attempt has been made to gloss over certain less fortunate details. It could seem that some of the less flattering details have been left behind.


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