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List two grievances which the Americans had against the British colonial government, as stated by the Framers in the Declaration of Independence.

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Thomas Jefferson's Declaration, added to and revised by others over a period of time, had a long, long list of charges against the British Empire, so choosing two is both easy and difficult.  Easy in that there were a lot of them included, difficult in which two to emphasize for you.

1) The colonists and the Framers were especially upset that the British were quartering troops in their private homes, against the colonists' will, and in a time of peace.  This seemed heavy handed and unfair to them, long before the bullets starting flying in the Revolution

2)  The King's government had a policy of taking Americans charged with crimes in the colonies and shipping them all the way to England to stand trial in from of a royal judge, as opposed to one in the colonies that would understand more about life there and how the law was applied.  They felt it was just one more way in which they were oppressed.

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