Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

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List three ways the pigs become more human-like in Chapter 10 of George Orwell's Animal Farm. 

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George Orwell's Animal Farm uses animals as stand-ins for humans. Orwell's classic is an allegory for the Stalinist machinations that led to the deaths of tens of millions of Russians as a direct result of the Soviet dictator's ruthlessness and skill at political intrigue. The novel, however, does not ignore the presence of humans; it merely focuses on the animals on a farm and how they, employing human-like thought-processes, attempt to organize a utopian society only to see their efforts undermined by the pigs, the stand-ins for the Stalinists who subverted revolution and imposed an even more draconian dictatorship. The story's main human, Mr. Jones, the brutal farmer, represents the czarist dictatorship against which the animals legitimately rebel, only, as noted, to see their efforts at establishing a democratic political system undermined by the pigs.

So, we know that the human is evil. We also learn, as Animal Farm proceeds, that the pigs become increasingly conspiratorial and tyrannical...

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dianthaacevedo | Student

Throughout Orwell\'s Animal Farm, the pigs become the essence of what they hate, man. At the close of the text, the pigs are trading with the humans as well as walking upright. The pigs are morphing into the image of man as Orwell suggests when the pigs are sitting around the table with the men gambling and the narrative voice explains that you are unable to tell the difference between man or pig.