List three verbs that show what the poem's narrator is doing in the first stanza.

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Three verbs in the first stanza of Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven" are "pondered," "napping," and "muttered."

Poe's poem depicts an individual, a male, presumably, sitting alone in his study or library. It is late at night ("a midnight dreary") and the narrator is seemingly relaxing before going to bed with a book. While he is relaxing with a book, however, his use of the phrase "weak and weary" suggests that it has been a tiring day and a melancholy one, the reasons for which will be revealed in subsequent passages.

The use of the verbs "pondering," "napping," and "muttered" all convey to the reader the narrator's physically and mentally diminished state, as is often the case when one is up late and contemplating or pondering one's station in life, and of his unhappiness with having his solitude interrupted by the "rapping" on his chamber door.

This being the first stanza, the reader is yet to become acquainted with the reason for...

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