List three traits of the letters between Abigail and John Adams and some examples?

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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The letters between John and Abigail Adams are truly a gift to anyone who has a passion for history. The letters span several decades and include a wide range of topics, here are three:

1. mutual love letters

2. letters concerning parental issues

3. Abigail's insight on matters of politics (which always benefited John Adams' role in the founding of the new nation) as well as John's feelings regarding what he and the other delegates were embarking upon.

Their letters to one another were always candid and detailed. There was clearly a mutual respect as well an equality between them during a time when women were not usually regarded in such a way.

Two examples that come to mind are; 1.  Abigail's statement 'Remember the ladies' in a letter where she argues for the equality of women. 2. John's letter dated July 3, 1776  proclaiming that July 2,1776 will be celebrated by all future generations. (not yet aware that the official adoption and reading wasn't to take place until July 4, 1776) However, it must be noted that his excitement for their accomplishment comes through full force in his letter.

The letters can be accessed on the internet through the Library of Congress website, it's well worth the while.


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