List three themes from Doctor Faustus and say what his actions reveal about his character.

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In Dr. Faustus we find: Ambition extended to greed, sin extended to infernal and eternal damnation, and the wicked nature of man under the effects of power.

His actions denote a man who is too big for himself but, at the same time, too small for the whole wide world. Although he is superbly intelligent, he cannot use common sense to fix his problems. Although he is a professor and an academic leader, he lacks the gumption and creativity to make his natural gifts be worth anything. He is the typical man who is so insolent, petulant, and full of himself that he even trades his soul to the devil for absolutely no real reason but that of obtaining a power which he is not ready for. That shows you the measure of his character as a man, and as a genius which is very small and minimalistic compared to what he can actually accomplish.

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