List three symbols from the poem "In An Artist's Studio" and describe the significance of the symbolism to the theme.

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The famous poem "In the Artist's Studio" by Christina Rossetti highlights the tendency of male artists to objectify their models. It is worth noting that Rossetti herself sometimes modeled for paintings and that her brother, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, was a painter. There are several symbols in the poem. Let's have a look at them, and then you can decide which three you think are most significant to the theme.

First of all, the mirror at the beginning of the poem that gives back the reflection of the loveliness of the model is symbolic of the perfection that the male artist is looking for. He is not observing the woman as she is, but as how he wants to see her.

The poem then lists four personifications of a beautiful woman: she can be seen as a queen, as an anonymous girl clothed in summer garments, as a saint, or as...

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