List three specific physical examples of this setting in Animal Farm.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The farm, itself, is not given much in way of full description, as the animals on it and the actions they undertake are more significant. The most notable section of the farm is the barn, where the animals meet and where revolution is fomented. The big barn is where all the animals meet to hear about Old Major's dream.  In addition to the barn, the henhouse is a major part of the farm, as it is the last thing Jones pays attention to before he goes to sleep.  The yard, in the middle of the farm, is another area that is significant.  It is here where Napoleon gathers the animals to award himself two medals and then stage his forced confessions and public executions.  This becomes the scene of some of the novel's most gruesome actions, and the site where Napoleon's cruelty is on display for all to see.  Finally, the farmhouse is the area where the ending displays how the farm has changed, even in name.  It is the place where the animals cannot recognize the difference between animals and humans, something that was vastly different from the scene in the barn.

iamaqtpoo | Student

A larger view of the setting of the farm from Animal Farm, is the English countryside.  The farm is nested between two other farms.  The farm is not very far away from a local village, where Mr. Jones goes to drink.