List three reasons the Pilgrims migrated to the colonies?

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There were several reasons why the Pilgrims migrated to the colonies. One of the reasons was for religious freedom. Parts of Europe were not known for religious tolerance. The Pilgrims were persecuted in Great Britain because of their religious beliefs. Thus, one reason why they came was to freely practice their religion. Another reason why they came was for political freedom. The Pilgrims didn’t have much political freedom in England so they left to be free politically. Finally, some of the Pilgrims came to make a better life for themselves. Conditions for some of the Pilgrims were not good in England. Even though they had no idea what they would experience in the New World, they felt it might be better than their current situation in England. Thus, they were willing to leave England in search for a better life. There were several reasons why the Pilgrims came to the colonies.

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