List three mysteries Orlick solves for Pip while he is working up the courage to kill him.

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Orlick tells Pip he is the one who attacked Mrs. Joe, he has been working for Compeyons, and he was the one Pip tripped over on the stairs.

In chapter 53, Pip is kidnapped by Orlick, who lures him home with a mysterious letter.  Pip and Orlick have never been friends, but time has not been good to Orlick.  In the middle of the most stressful time of Pip’s life, when he is trying to get Magwitch safely out of the country, Orlick comes to settle the score.

Orlick complains that Pip came between him and Biddy.

“You did that, and that would be enough, without more. How dared you to come betwixt me and a young woman I liked?” (enotes etext p. 287)

He also blames Pip for causing him to lose his job.  In his hatred and zeal, he tells Pip that he was the one who attacked Mrs. Joe, he has been working for Compeyson, and he has been following Pip and knows all about Magwitch.  In fact, Pip tripped over him on the stairs.

“Wolf, I'll tell you something more. It was Old Orlick as you tumbled over on your stairs that night.” (288)

Orlick finally explains that he decided to kidnap Pip because he knew he was weak and distracted.

“Ah!” he cried, laughing, after doing it again, “the burnt child dreads the fire! Old Orlick knowed you was burnt, Old Orlick knowed you was smuggling your uncle Provis away, Old Orlick's a match for you and knowed you'd come to-night! Now I'll tell you something more, wolf, and this ends it. There's them that's as good a match for your uncle Provis as Old Orlick has been for you.” (p. 289)


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