List three literary elements that Poe used as sound devices in "Annabel Lee" and give an example of each from the poem.

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First, end rhymes create a pleasing sense of musical closure and cadence in this poem. The last word of every stanza, which is either "me," "sea," or "Lee," is a rhyme, finishing each stanza with a sense that it is closed or complete. Further, end rhymes punctuate the poem throughout: in stanza one, for example, lines one and three end on the rhyming words: "ago" and "know," while stanzas two, four, and six introduce the most frequent rhymes in the poem: "sea," "Lee," and "me." End rhymes are one of the most traditional sound effects used to structure a poem and have remained enduringly popular because they sound so pleasing to the ear.

Silence is also a sound device, as evidenced by the importance of rests in music. We can hardly imagine Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, for example, being the same without its pregnant pauses that build excitement and anticipation. Poe does the same with the use of dashes. Dashes are the one strongest forms of punctuation, as they stop us cold and force a...

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