List three of the legal rulings that ended segregation in the United States.

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were several rulings that ended segregation in the United States. One of these rulings occurred in 1946. It was the case of Morgan v Virginia. This Supreme Court ruling said it was illegal to segregate on buses that crossed state lines. Another Supreme Court ruling that ended segregation was Norris v Alabama. In this ruling, the Supreme Court said it was illegal to exclude African-Americans from being considered for serving on juries.

One of the most famous cases that ended segregation was Brown v The Board of Education. In this case, the father of Linda Brown sued because his daughter couldn’t go to the same school as other kids who lived in her neighborhood. Linda Brown was African-American and had to attend a school for African-Americans. The Supreme Court ruled that separate but equal schools were not legal in the United States. This led to a series of desegregation cases throughout the country, at first in the South and then in the North. These were three cases that ended some aspect of segregation in our country.