List three important events from Act V of Romeo and Juliet.

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Act V of Romeo and Juliet opens with a crucial turning point in the plot. Balthasar arrives in Mantua to meet with Romeo, who is in exile. Unaware of Friar Laurence's plan, he tells Romeo that he witnessed Juliet's burial in the Capulet family crypt. An anguished Romeo goes to an apothecary, purchases a vial of poision, and makes his way to Verona. The Friar's letter alerting Romeo to the plot has not reached him due to fears of plague in Mantua.

The second pivotal event in the act is when Romeo arrives at the Capulet tomb and meets Paris. Paris believes he is there to commit some form of vandalism. The two fight, and Romeo kills Paris. 

Finally, the tragic end of the play comes when Romeo, thinking Juliet is actually dead, consumes poison and dies by her side. Juliet awakes from her four-day sleep as planned, but finds her husband's body by her side. Anguished, she seizes Romeo's dagger and fatally stabs herself. 


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