List three examples of a moral behavior demostrade by men in Machiavelli's the Prnce and tell how you find teh agreedable or disagreeable? be specific

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He writes that people have higher regard and respect for princes who are able be honest all the time.

Machiavelli explains how a prince must change his behavior according to the times and circumstances.

He should not be too worried about incurring blame for any vice without which he would find it hard to save his state.” In the last category he gives the example of miserliness: the prince should not mind if people consider him a miser, because, Machiavelli says, “this is simply one of the vices that enable him to reign.” Machiavelli is merely describing what a prince must do to keep his state, as when he says “a prince who wants to keep his state, is often bound to do what is not good.”


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