List three comments that the speaker makes in the monologue and what he means by them. (Monologue is at the bottom) This is a monologue about power of product and advertising: Recently I was looking through my little black book and I realized I didn't have too many friends. So I went out and got some Play by Justin Timberlake cologne and I put it on and now everybody likes me and I have tons of friends. An' then I took a look at my physique and noticed I was really skinny so I bought some Calvine Klein underwear and now I'm buff and get laid all the time. And I've always wanted to be more rugged, so I started smoking Malboro's, and I like to be original so I got myself an iPad, and I could be more suave and debonair so I started making martinis with SKYY vodka and if I want to feel wacky an' zany I get my burger from Jack in the Box and I've never had a very positive attitude about life but my new Nike's keep me optimistic and now I'm a real go-getter. Anyway, now my life is perfect and I'm a much happier person. ("Just do it!") 

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This monologue is a demonstration of the power of advertising in general, and in particular it is a testament to the importance of name and product recognition in drawing customers.

After reviewing the book in which he records names and important information about his friends (this monologue is apparently from someone who is not tech-savvy enough to have a smartphone with a digital database of his friends) and finding the list short, the speaker decides he needs to do something to make himself more attractive to others. Based on his knowledge of Justin Timberlake's reputation and social influence, he purchases and uses cologne marketed in association with Timberlake's name. The speaker credits this with his newfound popularity and numerous new friends.

The speaker realizes his physical appearance is not as muscular and manly as he wishes. Based on the advertising he has probably seen on television of athletes wearing Calvin Klein underwear, he purchases and begins wearing the same products himself. With just this change in underwear, he now has a "buff" body that is attracting all the sexual attention he wants.

Having seen Marlboro ads showing strong men mastering heavy activities in rugged settings, the speaker begins smoking Marlboro cigarettes himself. He now feels himself projecting a stronger image to those observing him.

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