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List the three "cards" Carton holds which will force Barsad to help him with his plan to free Darnay. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

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In another of Charles Dickens's signature coincidences, all of the major characters connected to the trial of Charles Darnay in Book the First, except for Stryver, come together on a street in St. Antoine in Chapter 8 of Book the Third of A Tale of Two Cities .  When Miss Pross, who is shopping with Jerry Cruncher, decides that they need some wine, she enters a wine shop where there are a number of men with red caps.  By accident, she and a man come face-to-face:  It is her brother Solomon, whom she has not seen for years.  He tells her not to call him Solomon and takes her outside the shop; then he asks who Jerry Cruncher with a look on his face as though he has seen a ghost. For, Jerry recognizes the man, asking him if his name is not also John as in John Basard,whom he witnessed at the Bailey during the trial of Charles Darnay.  (It is Sydney Carton who supplies the last name.)  Carton then steps forward and tells Barsad that he proposes the "losing game," but...

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