List three adjectives you would use to describe "The Interloopers."  

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Well, I think the best way that you can answer this question is to actually read the story yourself and come up with your own adjectives to describe the impressions that you had, because this is a rather general and broad question. However, just to get you started and maybe to give you some ideas, here are my suggestions.

Firstly, I would describe this story as suspenseful. The way in which the setting is introduced with the feud between the two families and the storm during the night strongly suggests that something violent is going to happen during the course of the story.

The second adjective I would use to describe this story would be heartwarming. The way in which the tragedy that befalls both Georg and Ulrich forces them to confront each other and become reconciled to each other is something that gives us hope that even the worst forms of emnity can be healed.

Finally, the ending of the story causes me to describe this story as despairing. The way in which the men are not found by other men who will help them but by wolves who will only kill them makes this story despairing in terms of the way it presents the fate of these two men.

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