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List ten of the ways that the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was able to recruit people into their organization and social movement.

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The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was organized in 1966 and offered a philosophy and a plan of action that attracted many people. Let's look at some of the reasons people joined the party.

As you answer this question, you might think in terms of categories. People turned to the party for different reasons. Some agreed with the Ten Point Platform or at least parts of it. They might have wanted better jobs or housing, an end to police brutality, justice, or better education. Others may have been attracted to the party's socialist ideas.

Still others may have appreciated the party's methods, which often included armed resistance. Others may have been drawn to the party's charismatic leaders. Some were likely attracted by the adult education, school breakfast, and other survival programs.

As you read more about the Black Panthers, you will also discover that many people were unhappy with the slow advance and many backtracks of the Civil Rights Movement. They wanted more action, and the Black Panthers seemed to provide this.

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