Do you think with current technology, people are more susceptible to becoming victims of identity theft?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In many ways, new technologies are making it easier for us to fall victim to identity theft.  This is particularly true because of the rise of internet commerce and the increasing use of credit and debit cards.

With the rise of internet commerce, more and more of our personal information is on the internet.  We provide such information, for example, to our banks or to the colleges we attend.  These institutions can be susceptible to being hacked.  If this happens, our identities can be stolen.  This would have been much harder in the days before the internet.

In addition, we have moved away from using things like cash and checks and are using credit and debit cards much more than ever before.  These are more susceptible to identity theft as well.  We might be lured into giving out our credit card through a “phishing” attack.  We might unsuspectingly swipe our credit card somewhere where a criminal has placed a card reader to steal our information.  These ways of stealing our identity were not previously available to criminals.

In these ways, identity theft has become somewhat easier due to modern technology.

I definitely think that now that most people use credit cards and are a lot more open on the web about information. Even with the zoom cameras we have you can take pics of someone's credit card at Wal-Mart and in the blink of an eye be robbing them blind.

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