List some of the problems that the gardeners encounter.How do they assist on another with these obstacles? (p.p 01-87)

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Phone: $20

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it was also a problem to carry the water since it was heavy as bricks like how sam said

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In the book Seedfolks each of the people in the community has had different experiences and struggles of their own.  The garden begins to be a common thread that nets them together.  Virgil's father was from Haiti, and he planted a larger size garden.  He had hopes of growing and selling food to make money.  His first crop was lettuce and it shriveled up and began to die.  He was devastated. 

Sam was seventy-eight and wanted a garden so he had to hire a young man to help him.  Some of the neighbors threw trash in the garden.  He saw it and was not happy about the habits that the people still had.

Leona went by the lot and saw the trash in the lot that smelled so bad.  People were walking around and trying to move the trash and getting through it so they could dig and plant.  She went to city hall for help to get rid of the trash.  She even helped to pick up some of the trash in bags.

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