List some of President Wilson's proposals for creating a truly just and lasting peace. Why did he feel the need to develop these proposals? List them as points if you please.

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parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From encarta on line encyclopedia, Wilson's "Fourteen Points" defining his post-war peace proposal:

(1) abolition of secret diplomacy by open covenants;(2) freedom of the seas in peace and war; (3) removal of international trade barriers ... equality of trade conditions among the nations consenting to peace; (4) reduction of armaments; (5) adjustment of colonial disputes; (6) evacuation of Russian territory, with the proviso of self-determination; (7) evacuation and restoration of Belgium; (8) evacuation and restoration of French territory, including Alsace-Lorraine; (9) readjustment of Italian frontiers along clearly recognizable lines of nationality; (10) autonomy for the peoples of Austria-Hungary; (11) evacuation and restoration of territory to Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania, granting of seaports to Serbia, and readjustment and international guarantee of the national ambitions of the Balkan nations; (12) self-determination for non-Turkish peoples under Turkish control and internationalization of the Dardanelles; (13) an independent Poland, with access to the sea; and (14) creation of a general association of nations under specific covenants to give mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity.

Wilson was seeking a better balance of power and increased cooperation among nations. Please see the reference itself for more detailed information.

thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

President Woodrow Wilson through his “Fourteen Points” proposed ways in which international peace would be achieved. Some of his proposals include:

a. Freedom of the seas unless otherwise agreed upon internationally

b. Application of diplomacy in all dealings, with secret treaties and negotiations put to an end

c. Arms reduction by all nations to a level sufficient for domestic safety

d. Removal of all economic barriers and establishment of free and equal trade

e. Establishment of an international forum where countries would openly discuss their grievances and find solutions without resorting to war

Wilson believed that the only way to secure peace was through global cooperation and justice. He also knew that the other Allied nations were only interested in punishing and crippling Germany after the World War, a condition which Wilson predicted would only breed grounds for another war in the near future. He therefore felt compelled to lay down morally informed methods through which a just and lasting peace could be attained worldwide.