List some possible hypothesis for an experiment that have not been done by famous scientists.

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One suggestion in order to find a hypothesis which a famous scientist has not completed would be to think small. Many of the things which have made a true difference in the scientific world have been large breakthroughs, or smaller breakthroughs which led to larger breakthroughs later.

That said, here are a few suggestions regarding possible hypotheses which have not been studied by a famous scientist.

1. The number of people who speed up at a yellow light instead of slowing down is...(choose if you think more will slow down or speed up).

2. A female panhandler will receive more donations than a male panhandler. (Or, a female panhandler with a child will receive more donations than a male panhandler with a child.) Many other variations of this exist.

3. Men are more likely to open a door for another person than a woman (or vice versa). The addition of child/children can be another experiment.

The link below denotes the 100 most famous scientists throughout history.


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