List some of the most important and meaningful quotations from Skellig by David Almond.

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Here is some background on the novel Skellig. The main character, Michael, finds a crippled being living in the crumbling garage of the new house his family has moved into. With the help of a neighbor across the street, Mina, he is able to care for the mystery being. In the midst of dealing with his new baby sister's heart condition, Micheal finds a sort of solace in caring for the creature. Below are some important quotes from the story:

Truth and Dreams are always getting muddled.

Mina, Michael's friend notes the quote above. It offers a view into the mindset Mina is in throughout the novel. Her bond with Michael is built over this mindset. Mina is an artistic, nature-loving child. She enjoys drawing and bird watching. This quote exemplifies how she is thoughtful and wise.

Can love help a person to get better?

Michael is trying to make sense of his situation as his newborn sister is facing possible death. This quote exemplifies the melancholy nature of the story. Michael is trying to love...

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