What concepts that appear to be both beneficial and universal among virtually all of the major faith traditions? 

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The first problem with this is that there are no universal concepts agreed on by all faith traditions. Some faith traditions beli8eve in one god, some in many, some in none. Some faiths believe in an afterlife, some in reincarnation, and some in death as the end of individual life, and some in death as absolute. Some faiths exalt peace and charity and other death and destruction.

The next issue is that be asking what concepts are universally "beneficial" in all faith traditions, you are assuming that we can step outside our own faith traditions (whether those are religious, agnostic, or atheistic) and make some absolute independent judgement of beneficence. This is not actually the case. When one claims to do this, one is actually moving towards the sort of ecumenism that tries to take as a starting point values in one faith tradition that might be shared in some group of other faith traditions, e.g. the commonalities among the Abrahamic religions (which has a common origin).

Perhaps the only universal is that most people within a given faith tradition find the practices of that faith bring some sort of emotional or spiritual benefit.

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